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  • ChildSafe1: Gun Trigger Block w/Dual Alarm

    The statistics are chilling - everyday over 20 children are wounded - or killed - in accidental shootings. The Child Safe 1 is both an alarm and trigger block that can prevent tampering, theft, or worse - a tragedy! If you’re a gun owner you’ve likely thought about how to minimize the threat your gun poses if it fell into the wrong hands. Whether a child who finds your gun and decides to play with it, or a thief who steals it and possibly even uses it on you or your family. It is the responsibility of gun owners to take the necessary precautions to make guns as safe as possible when storing them at home. The ChildSafe1 can secure your firearm in several ways, preventing tampering, theft, or tragedy.

    ChildSafe1 is the world’s most advanced method of stopping a child from pulling a gun’s trigger while also making the gun ready to fire almost immediately. The patented trigger block uses a “childproof medicine bottlecap” approach. To remove the trigger block a code has to be entered and then strong springs compressed. Even if they know the code the strong spring would be too much for a child to compress it and open it. The device was tested on over 100 children 12 years of age and younger and not one was able to remove it. Trained adults can remove the block in 2 seconds, quietly and in the dark, giving them quick access in an emergency. Additionally, the ChildSafe1 has both a motion and trigger block removal sensor with a 90 dB alarm. If the gun is moved, or someone attempts to open the trigger block, the loud alarm will sound alerting parents.

    With ChildSafe1 everyone is safer and has greater peace of mind.


    Patented trigger block - child and theft deterrent
    Fits most firearms
    Designed to disassemble in 3 seconds or less
    Double Alarm System - motion sensor & trigger block removal sensor with 90dB alarm
    Long battery life - batteries will last approximately one year

    Childsafe1 Gun Trigger Block w/dual Alarm
    Operation Guide

    Dual cameras, 1 internal and 1 external facing for capturing video in car and out
    Designed for storage, nothing records longer than the DP-210 (105 hours)
    In car night vision lights capture quality video even at night
    Built-in GPS data logger stores driving history
    Internal microphone enables live in cab audio recording
    Easy to install adhesive mount provide stable recording conditions
    Playback software allows users to view captured video on their PC
    Vehicle powered car camera system
    Memory card storage provides removable and transferable storage
    Event recording triggers into action based on movement and G-Force
    Pre-event recording insures cause and affect evidence is captured
    Best uses: teenage driving behavior, transportation companies, accident evidence and more

    Image Sensor: Color
    Operating Temperature:-50° ~ 140°F (-10° ~ 60°C)
    Weight: 5.5 oz. / 156g (with bracket)
    Size (L x W x H):4.13 in. x .87 in. x 2.64 in. / Lens 1.52 in. 105mm x 22mm x 67mm / Lens 38.5mm
    System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
    Power: 12V - 24V DC MAX 32V
    Motion Sensor: Internal 3D "G" sensor
    Audio: Integrated Microphone
    Illumination: IR LEDs (Interior view)
    Memory: Supports HC SD Cards up to 64 GB (class 6 or higher)
    Frame Rate: 30 Frames per Second
    VideoFormat: AVI H-264
    Image Size: VGA 640 x 480 Pixels
    Interior Field of View: 117° Exterior Field of View: 120° with WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)
    Cameras: 2 Cameras CMOS Digital Sensor 640x480
    Storage Temperature: -68° ~ 158°F (-20° ~70°C)

    Included with this item
    Drive Proof Car Camera
    Sleek Gift Type Packaging
    PC Viewer Software
    User’s Manual
    Lock Screw Tool (Allen wrench type)
    SD Card Lock Screws (2 each)
    Wire Clips – (5 each)
    Adhesive Mounting Bracket (tilt type)
    Power Adaptor
    A/V Output Cable

    Earthquake Detector, Alarm against thieves, Home Security Vibration Sensor, Mini Anti-Theft System 120dB Alarm for Window or Door.
    100% Brand new and high quality!
    Install the EarthQuake Alarm to any wall inside your house, office or school. Switch on the alarm and it will be on alert in 15 seconds, if there is any vibration, the alarm will sound for 30 seconds.(The beep sound is over 120DB), If the vibration continues, the alarm will sound again.
    Control button by power On/Off, easy installation and use.
    Vibration Detector Alarm for Office & Home Security.
    The Alarm protects your life or property by giving out alarm sound when it senses vibration, shaking, striking and moving.
    Best choice for yourself or your friend.
    Technical Parameters:
    - Operating voltage: DC 9V (9V alkaline battery)(ship without the battery)
    - Alarm sound pressure: 120dB
    - Induction method: vibrating alarm
    - Start delay: 15 seconds
    - Alarm delay: 30 seconds
    - Installation: Magnetic back can also be hung
    Color: White
    Power Supply: 1 Piece 9V battery(Not Included)
    Dimension:10 x 5.3 x 2.4cm(L*W*H)

    Packing Included:
    1x Alarm

    Introducing the Camstick/Pro, the first "thumb size" camcorder offering full VGA 680 X 480 resolution @ 30 fps. Included are a host of accessories including removable belt/pocket clip, neck strap, dash mount, and recharger. One touch recording makes great video/audio a snap. Up to 8Gb Micro SD card support and 2 hours recording per charge. Stores 3 hours recording per Gb for an incredible 24 hours recording on 8Gb SD card. Low illumination and sound activated recording make the Camstick/Pro truly unique.

    SpyFinder® is an easy to use compact battery powered device allowing visual detection of any hidden or spy camera, The only detector on the market that can detect cameras not in operation, It detect wireless and wired cameras by looking through the viewing port and scanning any room.

    Personal or professional use
    Works on most camera types, CCTV, digital, auto focus, cam corders, and pin hole.
    Spy Finder
    2 AAA batteries
    4 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ x 3/4″
  • Wi-Fi Smart Home Doorbell Camera - SH1000

    Whether you're at home or away this perfect DIY smart door bell alerts you when a visitor rings the bell. This smart home device comes packed with features:

    Easy to install no wires just stick it and forget it
    Battery operated 2 AAA for up to one year
    Sends pictures right to your phone or tablet so you know who is at the door
    Easy to use App install Eye4 from the app store for free
    Set up is a breeze
    Never offline using WiFi and RF transmission
    Visitor records will be stored free on the Cloud for review anytime
    Equipped with Night Vision
    Anti-theft alarm - if the doorbell was stolen the device would sound an alarm using the door chime (indoor device)
    Now you can know who's on your front steps when you're away and the kids are home alone. This is also a great solution for an elderly loved one or someone who may be vulnerable to solicitors, intruders or anyone who is unwelcome. Because it's Wi-Fi + RF transmission, it's always connected... never off-line.

    This easy to install covert camera has up to 1 year of battery life on just 2 AAA batteries. Cloud video storage gives you access to images at anytime from anywhere. Even at night with night-vision technology. Quickly install your new doorbell spy-cam with your choice adhesive or screw fix installation.

    For Door Bell:
    1 button push photos only (no video)
    Picture Resolution 480x272
    2MP 1/4 inch OV CMOS
    Lens 80 degree
    Transmission Distance 100 feet
    Picture Formate JPEG
    No microphone
    Night vision
    Install using the 3m stick up tape or two screws(not supplied
    Power by 2AAA batteries
    For Chime:
    Transmission RF +Wifi 2.4G
    Transmission to router 100 feet
    Transmission mode 2.4GHz RF
    Set up and reset button
    Power supply 100-250V AC

    Included with this item
    Outdoor RF Door Bell
    Indoor Wi-Fi chime and pairing device
    2 AAA battery
  • Wireless Car Charger and Holder

    With this brand new gadget, you can enjoy the safety and convenience of wirelessly charging your phone in a holder that opens and closes automatically. Gone are the days of driving with your knee while you struggle with both hands to pry your phone holder open then search for the hole on the bottom of the phone to plug in the charging cord.

    Imagine how impressed your friends will be when you simply place your phone near the Wireless Car Charger and Holder and it “magically” opens and closes on your phone and begins to charge wirelessly!

    When you have finished charging, the phone can be released using one hand with the touch sensing button on the side of the unit.


    Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+/S8/S8+/Note 8, 7.5W
    Compatible with iPhone Xs Max/Xs/ XR/X/ 8/8 Plus
    Vent mount
    Automatic opening by infrared sensor or touching button
    Wireless charging
    Easy to use
    The soft grips adjust to fit any size phone (from 2 3/8 to 3 3/8 inches wide)
    Can be rotated 360 degrees so you can select either Portrait or Landscape mode
    Charges your phone automatically
    Qi-certified by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) for safe and reliable charging
    Adjustable angle allows for optimum viewing
    USB port included for phones that do not support wireless charging

    Wireless Car Charger and Phone Holder
    Mounting Hardware
    USB Charging Cord