Radar Detectors


    Slow down before it's too late.
    The Cobra ESD-7400 6 Band Radar/Laser Detector helps you avoid traffic ticket trouble. You can easily see and hear warnings of nearby X band, K band, Ka Superwide and other laser and radar signals, so you can respond accordingly. The ESD-7000 also alerts you to the presence of VG-2 radar detector-detectors and mounts to your dash or windshield. Receive accurate signals and few false alerts with this innovative radar/laser detector.

    Detects radar (X, K and Ka bands with signal strength indicated), laser and VG-2 signals
    LaserEye® provides 360° detection of laser and strobe signals
    Safety Alert® traffic warning system senses the presence of traffic light-controlling equipment
    Instant-On Ready detects radar guns with instant-on speed-monitoring capabilities

    What's in the box

    Cobra ESD-7400 6 Band Radar/Laser Detector
    Windshield bracket mount
    Vehicle power adapter

    WHISTLER - xtr260 All Band Radar/Laser Detector

    The XTR260 radar detector is Whistler's budget model. The Whistler SL500 responds to all types of radar currently in use and provides 360 degree detection of all types of laser guns laser. The Whistler XTR260 is immune to the VG-2 detector and also includes SWS alerts as well.
    Safety Warning System®
    360 Total Perimeter Protection™
    VG-2 Cloaking™ technology
    City mode, quiet mode, vehicle battery saver
    Includes windshield bracket kit and power cord