Dock Charger Wi-Fi Camera w/8GB Card - Android

Dock Charger Wi-Fi Camera w/8GB Card - Android


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In today’s high tech environment no home or business is without a cell phone charger so what better place to discreetly hide an HD Wi-Fi security camera? The Dock Charger Wi-Fi Camera blends in perfectly to any home or work place environment. Not only can you charge all Android phones that use a micro USB connector, but you can record video on the included 8 GB memory card or connect it to WI-FI and stream live video to your smart phone or tablet anywhere in the world!

When you turn on the notification feature you can receive a text or email with a picture whenever the camera defects motion. You will know immediately if someone enters your office, bedroom, or gets too close to your safe, jewelry box, or gun cabinet and you can log in to the free APP to view live video. With the motion detection feature the camera will only record when movement is detected which saves storage space on the memory card and eliminates the need to sift through hours of blank video.

Unlike battery powered hidden cameras this model is AC powered so you never have to worry about running out of power right before an important event occurs. The camera lens on the front is impossible to see yet delivers crystal clear, wide angle, high definition 1080P video or 1 megapixel photos.


Motion detection & real-time notifications
Dock charger with a micro USB connector can be used for both charging and syncing your Android phone
1080P full HD wide-angle video
AC powered
Micro SD loop recording
Includes an 8GB micro-SD card but supports up to 64GB
Time and Date Stamp
Invisible camera lens
Free App
Motion-activated recording to the SD card and notification via text or email
System Requirements: iPad Touch, iPhone, or iPad with iOS 6.0 or higher or Android with version 5.0 or higher; WiFi router with internet connection

Dock Charger WiFi Camera - Android
Quick Installation Guide
Power Adapter
8GB high-speed Micro Card

Please note this camera system will not work on a 5G network. You are responsible to effectively communicate this to your customer. Please be advised that it will be the responsibility of you or your customer to send back to us any models that do not work for this reason, and they must be in like new condition.

NOTE: If your customer says they have a 5G network we suggest first having them check the router; many routers today are dual network (can simultaneously put out a 5G and 2.4G signal).

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